Client Testimonials

San Francisco StylistClients like me, they really like me! Check out Fawkeshunter on Yelp for more praise from happy clients!

Women’s Styling

I loved learning from Rachel. During the closet audit she taught me what clothes work for my body and why. This changed the way I get dressed everyday. Also, Rachel is very warm and the appointment was fun. I look forward to going shopping with her. -T.P.

My closet audit with Rachel today was awesome! She was great about quickly identifying shapes and styles that would work best on my body and pointing out holes in my wardrobe. Most importantly though, she is so warm and kind that I feel totally comfortable with her and like I have known her for a long time! I couldn’t have chosen a more capable and wonderful stylist. -L.H.

I’m so happy I invested in a closet audit; not only did I walk away feeling confident about clothes and what worked best for my body type, but I felt inspired. Rachel was knowledgeable, engaging and fun! Rachel made me feel 100% comfortable throughout the process and helped me see the possibilities in my wardrobe – A.O.

Rachel and I clicked right away. During our first meeting, Rachel was practically finishing my sentences; she got me right away! I immediately booked a closet audit, which was extremely successful. After the closet audit, Rachel sent me a detailed summary that included my measurements, some photos we had taken during the audit, analysis of my style goals and action items for our upcoming personal shopping trip. As a corporate attorney, I really appreciate how organized and professional Rachel is. She has a wide range of experience to draw from and she has an impressive knowledge of fashion and tailoring, I plan to work with her on an ongoing basis throughout the tear to continue building my wardrobe! – A.D.

Men’s Styling

Shopping went from endless drudgery to a true delight when working with Rachel. Walking into a dressing room full of clothes that I actually want is a truly novel shopping experience. She tirelessly worked for the entire day, responding to my feedback in real time and coming back with more and more clothes to try. I left the store with an entirely new wardrobe that I actually wanted. I could not recommend Rachel highly enough! -W.E.

I thought most of the value was going to come from the shopping trip alone, but I was able to take my look to a whole new level when she helped me find all the combinations in my new wardrobe. Even more importantly, she helped me to understand why things look good, so I could construct outfits for myself. These are the kind of lasting skills that I wanted to get from the experience, and Rachel fulfilled my hopes completely. I never would have believed I could develop these skills. Thank you Rachel! – W.E.


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