Behind The Scenes: Golden Globes Styling


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Some of you have asked for behind-the-scenes details on styling my client Kristen for the Golden Globes. It wasn’t that different from any other special event styling, though the glam quotient was significantly higher. By (semi-)popular demand, here’s how it went down, Foxes. Happy Friday! xo

Red Carpet Moment_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

NBC Caught Kristen walking behind the celebs on the red carpet. Talk about a perfect time to turn around!

How the Stars Do It

Before we jump in, a couple of differences between this and how celebrity stylists work. Like you or me, Kristen shopped for a dress; we were limited by what was available and spending real money. Most of the time celebrities and their stylists have access to designers, showrooms or publicists who lend or gift  pieces in exchange for publicity. Some celebrities are even friends of or ambassadors/paid spokespeople for fashion houses. This means you can count on them to wear the brand often on the red carpet– Jennifer Lawrence and Dior, Kiera Knightly and Chanel, Emma Stone and Lanvin. Even though getting the dress was different, a lot of the styling process is similar.

Scouting the Look

Anastajza's Pose_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Pre-shopping with Anastazja. I’m always making her hold up pieces for photos. This is her classic trying-not-to-be-in-the-photo pose.

Kristen found out she was going to the Globes about a week out. In case it isn’t abundantly clear, that’s not a ton of time. Putting it in context, most celebs have a month or several months of lead time before awards season to plan looks with their stylists. Thankfully, Kristen’s someone I’ve worked with for a long time so luckily we had a great rapport and sense of one another’s style.

My first step, and a common step of many stylists: online research. I wanted to understand what retailers had what pieces, how long it would take to get them to us. I also dragged Anastajza to see what was in stores and took a lot of photos. I pulled all of this info into a detailed scouting report, which included styling notes like shoe and accessory considerations, and sent it to Kristen. I also reached out to my retail contacts to get a sense of what was possible in terms of getting dresses to the store and getting alterations rushed– alerting the troops if you will.

Before Kristen Arrived

Dressed Up Dressing Room_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Dressed up dressing room.

“The pull” is the fancy term we stylists use to describe the items we pre-select for a client to choose from. With research done and feedback from Kristen, we turned our attention to refining it. We decided to shop at Neiman Marcus because of the breadth of designers and styles we could try and the fact we could rely on their amazing service both in the Bay Area and Los Angeles, if we needed it. We quickly realized it was going to be faster and more reliable for us to purchase and overnight gowns as customers, rather than have the stores request them through their sale systems, which can take a couple of days. We arranged for them to be delivered and at the same time edited the selection on-hold at the store for her to try on. We also worked with the store to have plenty of shoe and accessory choices on-hand. As Rachel Zoe famously said on her show, “options.”

Everything pulled and shopping day upon us, our attention turned to dressing up the dressing room for her– I mean how many times in your life do you get to dress up for something like this? We wanted to make it fun and, because of all of the great help from our girls Pamela and Lia at the store, we had plenty of extra time for some fun and ridiculousness of our own, like selfies.



Sit Test_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

The important sit test.

We used the personal shopping room at Neiman’s, which even for a jaded stylist is pretty impressive and giant (like the size of my living room and then some). All decked out with her gown selection, and plenty of extras in the back, it was really fun to see Kristen’s reaction when she arrived. Kristen’s Zac Posen gown was our pre-shop favorite and the first we tried on. From that moment, it became the one to beat. Despite other amazing choices (she looks good in everything!), we kept coming back to it.

Alterations_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist


Dress decided, we spent a lot of time swapping out jewelry and shoes and bags to find the perfect mix. I wasn’t going to LA with her so we wanted to be sure everything was set and talked about details like  hairstyles and which direction her asymmetrical Alexis Bittar cuff should point. Luckily the dress fit beautifully through the bodice, but we needed some hemming and alterations at the hip, so we had her pinned up and crossed our fingers everything would be ready by Saturday at noon…when she had to head to the airport.


Finishing Touches

Final Fitting_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Final fitting before heading to the airport.

I was not joking when I said Neiman’s was amazing. We shopped late Wednesday and Kristen got a call Friday night her dress was ready. We had a standing date to take a look at it on Saturday and made a deal to wear yoga pants and be comfy after a stressful week. Of course, I comply and she shows up looking polished and perfect! I gave her a pass because she claimed she was dressed for traveling. Luckily, everything fit like a glove and the only challenge left was how the heck to get the dress on the plane. In the end, we stuffed and folded it up. I had already called ahead and alerted her hotel she would need a special garment steamed that evening, so we were sure it would be red-carpet-ready the next day.

Red Carpets & Beyond

Kristen got to walk the red carpet and was super sweet to send me photos of that and as she got ready. I mentioned it in my best dressed post and may be partial, but I think she and her look were just as stunning as anyone else on the red carpet. And speaking of sweet and stunning, these flowers arrived at my house a couple of days after the event. They were icing on the cake of a super fun week.



Monday Inspiration: Forward


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Forward_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistTrue story: when I was in college I was a student teacher in a high school history/english combo class (I clearly had another calling). One of the lessons I taught was about Martin Luther King, Jrs.’ I Have a Dream Speech. As much for the kids, it was a lesson for me as well. If Monday posts didn’t give it away, I love words and quotes and until then I had no idea how beautiful the whole speech, not just the parts we all know, is. I definitely recommend a read or, even better a listen, if you didn’t have a teacher as great as me (kidding, I was terrible, that was my shining moment).

As you enjoy a day of downtime and maybe some amazing three-day-weekend sales, I thought it would be nice to take a moment to be be inspired by the man whose dreams and determination we honor today. Happy holiday weekend Monday, Foxes! xo

Inspired Outfit: Graphic T-shirt Chic


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T-shirt Chic Inspiration_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistAfter a week full of red carpets and shopping trips, it’s time to get comfy refocus on what’s already in our wardrobes. Namely, graphic tees– you know you have at least one. Whether yours showcases a phrase or a picture or a sports team logo, doesn’t matter, it looks haute with more than jeans or leggings.

My favorite way to wear graphic tees is to mix their casual vibe with something more structured or formal. I love the comfort of a tee and blazer or tee with tailored pants and loafers when I’m working with clients. But, when I want to retain that comfort yet glam it up, I look to a fierce skirt and heels. The go-to in my own closet is a faux leather fit & flare skirt, but I love the idea of the flirty white fluted skirt in this inspiration photo. The light color and sleek silhouette add an air of sophistication to the look. Bonus, it’s easily tamed to be work appropriate. Get the look with the outfit below, as always click to shop or learn more about the individual pieces. Happy weekend, Foxes. xo

Graphic T-shirt Chic_Styled by Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist


Best and Worst Dressed: Golden Globes 2015


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It’s finally here! My best and worst dressed picks from Sunday’s Golden Globes. It was a pretty strong carpet without too many horrifying misses…though the ones that missed included some true dandies. I think my favorite term I read to describe one was “vintage 70s mermaid.” It was not intended as a compliment!

Make sure to read all the way to the bottom, Foxes because I am revolutionizing (satire) the Fawkeshunter best and worst dressed list with a new category: it’s complicated. These are looks I almost love, but also almost hate.

I’m interested to hear where you think they belong and if you if you agree with my picks over all…let me know in comments or on Facebook. Admittedly I am full of various cold and cough remedies so it’s possible the medicine clouded my judgment (how’s that for a disclaimer?!). Enjoy!

Best Dressed

Emma Stone in Lanvin

Emma Stone_Lanvin_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistThis pantsuit was custom designed for (and by) Emma. I love how it’s young and modern and effortless, just like her. Not to mention a pantsuit on this red carpet is totally unexpected, which makes it super fun. I really love the styling with simple jewels, tousled hair and red lip. Perfection. It was my favorite of the night.

Sienna Miller in Miu Miu

Sienna Miller_Miu Miu_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Sienna’s known for boho style, which is why I think this gown, with it’s old-school floral beading and contemporary embellishments, is perfect for her. I’ve read some comments that the tailoring and fit was slightly off– it should have been a bit shorter in front and more fitted in the bodice, but the overall look is such a success I’m overlooking these nitpicks. Like Emma above, I love the messy bob (a HUGE hair trend right now) and beauty choices, which really pull it all together.

Kate Hudson in Atelier Versace

Kate Hudson_Atelier Versace_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistHoly curves Kate Hudson. This is an example of impeccable tailoring. This is clean, modern and very movie star. She looks flawless.

Ruth Wilson in Prada

Ruth Wilson_Prada_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistIt was fun to see some newcomers on the red carpet and I love that Best Actress in a TV Drama Ruth Wilson chose something bold. The color and the details of this dress stood out as completely different from anything else on the red carpet and was at once classic and modern. Of course it was, it’s Prada.

Julianne Moore in Givenchy Haute Coutureulianne Moore_Givenchy_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistDoes Julianne Moore ever make style mistakes? She can always be counted on to push the envelope and make a statement on the red carpet. This silver is radiant and I love ombre and feathers (!) bringing the drama at the bottom.

Joanne Froggatt in Marchesa

Joanne Froggatt_Marchesa_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistI’ve heard this look called too busy, but being a more-is-more girl I was into it. I especially enjoyed how the contrast earrings made the pink in the beading pop. I’m a sucker for braids and thought Joanne’s plaited crown was super pretty and played up a romantic vibe to the look. If you watched the ceremony, I also think that her surprise at winning and moving speech was super touching and the look stood up to that moment really well.

Jessica Chastain in Atelier Versace

Jessica Chastain_Atelier Versace_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistJessica’s coppery hair is not only one of her loveliest features, it’s also one of her best accessories. I love how it cascades over one shoulder, bringing drama and old Hollywood glam (it’s very Veronica Lake or Rita Hayworth to me) to this look. The overall effect, with a smokey eye and diamonds, is kinda siren-y. Also, is it just me, or are her boobs defying gravity?

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad

Jennifer Lopez_Zuhair Murad_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistSpeaking of gravity-defying boobs, JLo is the queen of cut-down-to-there, slit-up-to-here, body con red carpet style. On any one else all of that exposed skin, plus a cape, plus beading would be too much, but she is a diva who carries it off. The beaded “seams” accentuate curves and really drive the message of this dress home…she’s hot.

Jenna Dewan-Tatum in Carolina Herrera

Jenna Dewan Tatum_Carolina Herrera_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist I was really surprised how pretty Jenna looked in this dress wasn’t talked about more on the red carpet shows. Pale yellow is so, so hard to pull off and she does it beautifully. I sometimes think Jenna’s super slim dancer’s frame can look overwhelmed or out of proportion on the red carpet, but this soft skirt and on-trend pseudo-crumb catcher neckline (that’s a real thing, Foxes) really flatters her.

Kristen in Zac Posen

Kristen_Zac Posen_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistLast week you saw sneak peeks on Facebook and Instagram of my work styling one of my very favorite clients, Kristen, to attend the Globes. Without a doubt, her Zac Posen stunner could stand up to any of the celebs looks on the red carpet. This was the first dress we tried on and every dress after was just not competition. It’s super glam and has a very structured split peplum, which brings edge to the classic mermaid silhouette. We played this up with some really cool Alexis Bittar pieces At the request of a few of you, I’ll share a behind-the-scenes post detailing the styling process for this sort of an event in the next week. For now, can we all agree, she’s gorgeous in this pre-event hotel room snap AND she’s completely mastered the movie star pose?

Worst Dressed

Amal Clooney in Gloves…and Dior

Amal Clooney_Dior_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

UGH, I want to love her and this look. I mean, she’s awesome and accomplished and arguably more deserving of a lifetime achievement award than her husband. But, I can’t look past those ridiculous gloves. Sure, there’s an element of old-school glamour to them, but really all they do is distract from an otherwise lovely Dior gown, like majorly.

Claire Danes in Valentino

Claire Danes_Valentino_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Sometimes a person wears a dress and sometimes a dress wears a person– I think this is a case of the latter. On the runway this gown was amazing, but it overpowers Claire and makes her top-half look really wide. It could be that she needed the model’s extra height or dark hair to pull it off, but something about how it (doesn’t) fit and (doesn’t) complement her skintone makes it a flop.

Jennifer Aniston in Saint Laurent

Jennifer Aniston_Saint Laurent_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

I know everyone loves her, but I’m sorry this looks like a prom dress from the 90s. She can do better.

Lana Del Rey in Vintage Travilla

Lana Del Rey_Travilla_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

I mean, where do you start? Everything about this is b-a-d. The under-the-sea color. The vintage Priscilla Presley styling. The shiny, shiny pleats. It was probably the very worst of the evening.

Melissa McCarthy in a DIY Number

Melissa McCarthy_DIY Dress_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

So Melissa said this look combined pieces of things she already had in her closet. While I would usually applaud this sort of ingenuity, this particular combo is a hot mess. There’s way too much fabric and between puffy sleeves, exaggerated contrast cuffs, an oversized bow, giant collar and ruffled skirt, it’s hard to decide where to look. I like the menswear inspired effort, I just wish it were a little more edited and sleek.

Tiny Fey in Antonio Berardi and Amy Poehler in Stella McCartney

Tina Fey_Antonio Berardi_Amy Poehler_Stella McCartney_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

More than Amy’s dress, which I think could use some bolder jewels (or no necklace?) and maybe some tailoring so it is less paper-baggy (maybe it’s the angle?), I object to Tina’s dress. On its own, it’s pretty, but I feel like the dress is more youthful than the styling and because of this it just looks wrong as she’s wearing it. I wish her hair were down and she played up structure with some edgier shoes or jewels. It kind of looks humpty-dumpty otherwise.

It’s Complicated

Rosamund Pike in Vera Wang

Rosamund Pike_Vera Wang_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistSo first of all let’s acknowledge this woman just had a baby, looks AMAZING and is way brave to walk the red carpet in cutouts.  Here’s my problem with what should be a pretty dress, what is happening at the bust? It looks like a terrible tailoring job, but maybe those cups are molded and it’s a photo illusion that they look like they are sticking out to the sides in an unflattering way (though I suspect not)? In any case, I feel like those straps should be shortened and the whole bodice should come up a couple of inches, so she doesn’t look so out of proportion and saggy. No one wants to be described as saggy on the red carpet.

Zosia Mamet in Andrew Gn

Zosia Mamet_Andrew Gn_Golden Globes 2015_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Again, like above, maybe some tailoring issues at the bust. Overall, I really think this dress is pretty and the 50s bob styling is on point for it. Where I think it falls flat is accessories. The colorblocking is a little hard for the eye to reconcile and giving it some pieces that pull the tones together would make a world of difference. My instinct is to start by experimenting with belts and maybe look to jewels with a smokey quartz quality, that have brown and blush tones. I think the saccharine sweet silhouette could stand some pieces that are chunkier and perhaps more angular to make as modern as intended.

I’m Stanford’s New Official Personal Shopper


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Oh Foxes, I promised you a Golden Globes fashion recap today, but I’ve been sidelined by illness and haven’t had the energy to type up all of my thoughts (sneak peek, how amaze was Emma Stone in Lanvin?!). Still, I couldn’t leave you entirely hanging and have some exciting news to share…I’ve been named the official personal shopper at Stanford Shopping Center!!

Now, you can shop with me for up to two hours complements of the super luxe center. Details on how to schedule an appointment here and more about my partnership with Stanford here (scroll to the second section). I promise Golden Globes tomorrow. xo

Shopping Gets Personal - Rachel Fawkes Personal Shopping Stanford

Monday Inspiration: The Essentials, Champagne & Shoes


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Shoes and Champagne-Brian Atwood-Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion StylistIf you follow me on Facebook or Instagram, you know that champagne and shoes have played a (extra) big role in my life the past week. It was a fun-filled whirlwind helping a client get ready for a night at the Golden Globe awards. The importance of the perfect shoe for a special occasion is still fresh in my mind, so it’s no surprise today’s inspiration spoke to me.

Here’s hoping the week ahead gives you plenty of reasons to indulge in fab footwear and a glass of bubbles or two. Happy Monday, Foxes. xo

P.S. we are planning a best and worst dressed post…it’s coming on Wednesday.


Style Lessons from Birthday Princess Kate Middleton


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Today, our (at least my) favorite princess celebrates another year. Happy birthday, KMid! In her honor, I thought we could take a minute to appreciate Kate’s style smarts and take a look at some lessons we can apply in our own wardrobe. Happy styling (and weekend), Foxes. xo

She Calls the Tailor to Add, As Well As Take Away

We all know about altering pieces for fit. And, the style savvy know creative changes like swapping buttons or removing pockets can make an OK piece amazing. But almost no one thinks to ask their tailor to add fabric. At 5′ 9″ skirts appear short on Kate and she often lengthens pieces beyond any standard seam allowance to be sure not to show too much leg. Look closely and you can see the seam where she added six inches of fabric to this Goat coat before her visit to New York last month. The same trick also works for too-short tops. Don’t stress if you don’t have perfectly matching fabric, go for a contrast color or texture, like lace or leather instead.

Lengthen a Coat like Kate Middleton-Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

She’s A Master of High-Low Mixing

Almost more than actual style, the cost of Kate’s wardrobe makes headlines. She loves a deal and the high street as much as the rest of us. Kate’s as likely to wear Topshop, Reiss or Jigsaw (where she worked) as she is luxe English designers like McQueen or Jenny Packham. Even better, she’ll mix the two and wear an inexpensive blouse with a very expensive skirt. You know, like how normal people put together outfits with pieces of different pricepoints. She knows the trick to making high street look expensive is to pick classic shapes and look for details that are well done, but not over the top, like the lacy print of this Topshop dress (paired with Ralph Lauren blazer). Kate Middleton in Topshop and Ralph Lauren - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

She Dresses For The Occasion

One of my favorite things about watching Kate’s style is that she always dresses for the occasion, even if it means donning a cowboy hat (at a rodeo in Canada) or wearing a hoodie and a blindfold (to help lead a scout meeting in London). Some people wish she would always dress formally, but I love how she keeps it real. I mean people, including this stylist, love a good hoodie under the right (and sometimes lazy and wrong) circumstances. If it’s good enough for Kate, it’s good enough for me.

Kate Middleton in a Cowboy Hat - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Kate Middleton in a Hoodie - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Inspired Outfit: Classic Camel Goes Modern


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Classic Camel Inspiration - Rachel Fawkes - San Francisco Fashion StylistI’m usually all about color and prints, but lately, I’ve been feeling layered neutrals, especially camel. There’s just something about the rich, caramelly color that reads warm, effortless and expensive on cold days.

Case in point? This fashion week streetstyle snap, which inspired the outfit collage below (click to shop and learn more about each piece). I love how very classic shapes in a very classic color become very modern when mixed with surprise pops of color and texture.

It’s easy to look this chic, just combine a handful of like-hued staples: trench coat, crisp white blouse, pencil skirt and, my fave, a great pair of shades. Bonus? Each looks equally chic solo, so you’ll get tons of wear from every one. A couple of tips if you try this look: 1. it’s OK if the pieces don’t match perfectly, you want that variation of shades so you don’t look like a blob of sameness 2. make sure the pieces you pick are warm and have deep color, without that it’s just tan. Happy shopping, Foxes!

Classic Camel Layers_Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Monday Inspiration: No One Knows


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No One Knows - Rachel Fawkes San Francisco Fashion Stylist

Happy New Year, Foxes! If you’re like me, this particular Monday, the first of 2015, doesn’t just mark a beginning, it’s also the official end of holiday haze. On one hand, the New Year is extremely motivating. On the other, I just want to ignore it, sleep in and enjoy a little more holiday fun. It’s in this spirit that today’s inspiration spoke to me. Some Mondays, especially those after a lot of downtime, you just want to grab what you wore on Sunday Funday and carry the festivities into a new week (or year). It’s not just me, right?

Here’s to meeting the first Monday of the year ready to kill it, no matter what we’re wearing. xo

Three-peat: We’re Still Amazing


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Holiday season hazard: I stayed out too late last night and am anything but inspiring today, Foxes. Happily, there is still good news to start the week off on the right foot: our post on how to fit a men’s suit was selected as one of the week’s best by Idependent Fashion Bloggers! If you’re following closely, it’s the third time one of our posts has been selected for the honor and I’m especially excited about this one because Anastazja took the lead on writing it. I’m so lucky to have her talents as part of the Fawkeshunter team. She’s a design and construction master and I can’t say enough about her fit expertise, which is why, if you missed it the first time, make sure to check out the post (and all of the other great top posts below). It’s all you need to yourself, or the men in your life, looking sharp this holiday season. Happy Monday, xo.


Keep it Clever

Do you know the difference between a cocktail dress and a gown? Do you know how a man’s suit should fit? How about what you should buy on vacation (as there are SO many things!)… Well, for all the little bits and pieces you need to know this season, we’ve got you covered in this week’s links!

Links à la Mode: December 4th

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