About Rachel

Stylist from the Start

I didn’t know it at the time, but my favorite childhood game, making up new outfits with the clothes in my closet, was actually styling. My talent for untapping the potential in my closet got noticed early in life and before I knew it, I was the girl my friends and family trusted when they needed a stylish eye to shop with or a closet to raid. Working with them, I learned how to be real, honest and fun while making people feel great in their clothes.

Trained by the Best

Ready to go pro, I took my years of making friends and family look fabulous to New York, where I trained with Stacy London of TV’s What Not to Wear fame. Working with her and her national network of stylists, I’ve had the opportunity to learn with and work alongside the best stylists across the country.

Adored by All

I truly believe the most important part of making it work, is making it work for you, which is why I take great care to ensure the styling experience is personalized and fun for every client.

And clients are happy. But don’t take my word for it, read their’s.

Ready to Get Started?

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